4 Budgeting tips for a wedding reception

4 Budgeting tips for a wedding reception
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Behind the beauty of a wedding, there must be a stressful sensation about the lack of preparation and budget. A luxurious wedding, of course, requires a lot of funds. You and your partner will definitely play brain on how to hold a dream wedding but according to their budget. Meanwhile, if you need reliable photographers with a fair price, just check out the chicago wedding photographers.

For those of you who want to have a dream wedding, you can reach it with these 4 tips that can be in accordance with your budget.

1. Make a guest list to a minimum.

More guests mean more chairs, tables, food, drinks, and invitations. It’s not easy to reduce the capacity of guests on special days but in this way, you can minimize your wedding budget so that it doesn’t swell.

Try not to get bored in this process by assuming that people you don’t invite will get hurt. This is your big day and your financial affairs.

2. As much as possible use a garden or home page so you don’t need to rent a building.

If you are lucky enough to have a family member or maybe a friend who is willing to share the garden behind their house for you. You can use it so you don’t have to rent a building. This will definitely save your budget.

3. Choose a local restaurant for the food menu.

You can designate local restaurants for dishes at your wedding. Buffet type can be more economical per person compared to per table. Discuss this with your partner and determine your choices together. Most invited guests will not be able to remember and care about the dish unless the dishes are not tasty. So don’t be too attached to thinking that the dish must be expensive.

4. Hire fewer photographers.

After the marriage promise is the most important thing in marriage, then in the second position there is photography. All couples would want a moment in their lifetime to be immortalized. For this one, you might be able to ask a friend who has a photography talent to be a photographer at your wedding. This will obviously cut a lot of your budget because the photographer’s rental price is quite expensive.