Boutique Reviews: New York & Company, New York

Boutique Reviews: New York & Company, New York
Apparel & Accessories

If you really are a fashionista and you love to shop for the trendy items that will make you look prettier, then perhaps New York & Company can help you a lot. It’s true that the store name sounds like any other “mediocre” stores in the city, but unfortunately, it’s quite above the others. As you may have guessed, it’s not just about the clothing and the accessories that they’re selling on their store, but it’s also about the services that they give to their customers.

Expect to receive a friendly and warm service from their staffs, both for the on-site and online purchases. Sure, many people can hope to get the big and warm smiles from the staffs of a boutique when they’re shopping directly at the real-world store. Fortunately, the same customer-caring service can also be experienced if you’ve got any problems purchasing the items from New York & Company online. It’s actually quite unique among the middle-class boutiques these days to handle their online customer’s problems swiftly and professionally, especially if the price of that store is affordable, like this particular store.

Not only that, this boutique isn’t for women only. There are also many things for boys to buy as well. So if your boyfriend or husband thinks that your shopping time with him will be another boring date, well, there are many interesting things that can they buy in the store too. So it’s recommended for you to also buy things for him as well, as a token of appreciation from all the time your beloved boyfriend or husband has been there for you.

Furthermore, by the time this store provides the special deals for their customers, you can expect that the price can be crazy cheap! However, it doesn’t come with the lower quality of services and items. That’s why there are so many customers who fall in love quickly to this store and don’t be surprised if you’re going to feel the same as well. Overall, it’s a store which provides satisfying products, services, and also prices, which is quite a rare type of a combination, due to the excellent service and merchandise are usually coming together in a package with a high price.

The only notable downside of this store is simply the new staffs. It’s actually understandable when they’re newly recruited, and they’ve got to deal with popular stores with many kinds of customers and problems. Some new staffs may be a bit rude towards the regular customers who’ve visited the shop quite often, and they might be surprised by the unusual staff who is pretty rude compared to the others. On the other hand, the new cashier staffs may a bit slower in doing their job, so if you’re in a line behind someone who is buying a lot of items, you may have to wait in the line around one hour, even if there is only one customer in front of you! So don’t be hesitated to call the manager if the new staffs aren’t serving you well, but at the same time, it’s also a wise decision not to harsh with them when you’re addressing your complaints to the new staffs, due to they’ll probably work in the New York & Company for a long time in the future. So it’d be the best decision for you to be patient, and try to tolerate their early days in the shop when they’re serving you and other customers.