Cleaning Weeds With Natural Ingredients

Cleaning Weeds With Natural Ingredients
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Weeds that often appear in the garden or on the path around your house are difficult to remove? The solution is you can use salt. Salt is a natural ingredient that is safe and easy to get both at home (kitchen) and buy at a shop. In addition, the use of salt also does not cause a pungent odor, unlike other chemicals. How to use it is also very easy, all you have to do is sprinkle salt on where the weeds grow, try not to get on your plants. Don’t forget to sprinkle water or if you are lazy you can wait for the rain to fall to finish your work. Here salt functions to absorb the water content in weeds, so the old weeds will dry out and die, as well as your plants if they get hit by the sprinkling of salt as Grass Killer.

Apart from salt, here are some natural ingredients that you can use:

Vinegar, found in your kitchen, can also be used to kill weeds at home. The acetic acid contained in 5% vinegar is an irritant for plant leaves. These substances can damage young plants with immature roots, even if they only roll up weeds in dryness. Simply mix the vinegar with dish soap evenly and spray it on the weeds that are annoying. The acid in the vinegar will kill weeds slowly but surely and the detergent will make the vinegar stick to the leaves. Make sure you cover other plants before spraying, as vinegar is an effective weed repellent. Keep your spray on target by removing the bottom of a 2-liter plastic soda bottle, and placing it over the weeds. Spray vinegar into the mouth of the bottle, which will prevent it from splashing on your vegetables.

Corn Gluten Meal
This byproduct of corn can stop the seeds from becoming weeds. Because they can prevent germination on weeds. The trick is to spread the corn gluten meal around growing weeds or after you have planted the seeds and transplants are planted in the ground.