Dental Care for Adults

Dental Care for Adults
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Do elderly people still need to check their teeth at dentist mount prospect? Yes! Parents must still need regular dental checkups. Aging not only causes gray hair and wrinkled skin but also has certain effects on the teeth and oral cavity. For example, teeth become more perforated, dry mouth, teeth shake, and tooth loss (toothless).

That’s why dental examinations are very important to know what problems are experienced and how to deal with them properly, so as to improve comfort and quality of life. For the elderly who already have many systemic diseases and consume drugs that affect oral dental conditions, dental check-ups may need more often according to the needs and recommendations of the doctor.

What should be prepared before a routine dental check? Do you need to brush your teeth first? Before checking your teeth regularly to the doctor, you may just brush your teeth, but it is not required. The dentist will clean your mouth and teeth.

All you need to do is be open about the condition of your mouth and answer honestly all the questions asked by the doctor. For example, if the doctor asks about how often you brush your teeth every day, it’s good to answer as honestly as possible. Then if there is a complaint, for example, there is a tooth that hurts, as much as possible tell the full story, for example since when the complaint appeared and how much pain it hurts.

During a routine dental checkup, the doctor will check the condition of your teeth – whether there are cavities, broken, cracked, damaged dental fillings, or plaque and tartar. Plaque and tartar are a source of infection in the oral cavity, so if they are present and severe they should be cleaned immediately. The dentist will also assess how high your risk is to the problem of cavities. The doctor can then check the position of the wisdom teeth that are tilted or the rows of teeth that are falling apart. If after the examination still needs a supporting picture, the dentist will recommend that you undergo a dental x-ray to plan further action.