Functions and Responsibilities of Public Accountants

Functions and Responsibilities of Public Accountants
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The general function of public accountants is to provide information to decision-makers about important and fundamental economic events and to present or help prepare information about how they allocate limited resources, such as capital, labor, land, and raw materials for use. You can visit cpa miami to know more.

While its specific functions are:
– Calculates the services achieved by the government then assesses whether the government leadership has carried out the tasks and obligations assigned to it by the owners.
– Help secure and oversee all the rights and obligations of the government, especially from a financial perspective.
– Provide information that is very useful to interested parties such as economic growth in the area of ​​education growth, per capita income growth, and so on.
– Measuring the effectiveness and efficiency of exclusive performance in carrying out its duties and obligations.

They must also make decisions related to the use of limited resources including identification of complex decision areas and setting organizational goals and objectives, directing and controlling effectively the economic and human resources within the organization, and maintaining and reporting ownership of the organization.

One of the responsibilities of a public accountant is auditing. Auditing is a systematic process of obtaining and evaluating the evidence related to assertions about economic actions and events objectively to determine the level of conformity between these assertions and predetermined criteria and to communicate the results to interested parties. Audits are generally grouped into three groups, namely:

Financial Report Audit
A financial report audit is conducted to determine whether the financial statements as a whole are stated in accordance with certain predetermined criteria.

Conformity Audit
The purpose of a conformity audit is to determine whether the party being audited has followed certain procedures or rules established by the competent authority.

This accountant will be in direct contact with your company’s finances, which means you really need an accountant who is truly expert and experienced in their field. Try to find out how his abilities, where the experience is, and what is important is the attitudes. Because this attitude will later affect how it works.