Get to know what dental aesthetic treatments are

Get to know what dental aesthetic treatments are
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Dental care is certainly important for anyone. Dental care did also has various types. From starting to whiten teeth to other treatments you can do. For that, you also have to choose the right dental care place and according to your needs. You can use Tannlege Sandefjord services to get maximum dental care so that the appearance of your teeth can be beautiful.

Treatment of dental beauty or also known as cosmetics dentistry is now more emphasis on the aesthetics of the teeth where the appearance of perfect teeth is its main concern. There are various types of beauty on the teeth that you can choose. Some of these types are

1. Teeth Whitening
Treatment for those of you who want shiny white teeth. The choice is, you can choose In Office Whitening that uses hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide. Or Over the Counter Whitening System which is calculated to be easier and cheaper by using tooth gel and mouth trays. Or it could be by using toothpaste containing polishing agents.

2. Veneer
Veneer is a dental treatment to form teeth as desired. One form of a tooth resulting from this treatment is “rabbit teeth”. Starting with a reduction in the enamel layer, the veneer is then placed on the teeth. Made of porcelain, the use of veneers must be based on healthy teeth. Requires a lifetime commitment, veneers must also be controlled regularly. The materials used are mostly imported so this treatment is considered an expensive category.

3. Root canal treatment
This treatment is done for tooth decay that has already affected the nerve. Symptoms that are experienced include a toothache that can no longer be held, sensitive teeth and white pimples that appear on the gums. The root canal treatment starts with turning off the nerve of the tooth, then the nerve is removed and the inside of the tooth is cleaned. After that, the teeth are patched or sealed to cover the hole.

With these three treatments, you can choose the right one right for your needs.