Prepare the important letters when you buy or sell a house

Prepare the important letters when you buy or sell a house
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If you have found a serious buyer and have already dealt a price, then-then you as a seller must show proof of ownership that it is true that you are the owner of the house. Show original certificate, original land and building tax letter, original sale and purchase certificate, blueprint, your original ID card. Only shown, not given to buyers. So that the buyer believes that you are indeed the owner of the house. Remember that this can be vital when you want to sell my house fast pasadena tx.

What if your original letters are in the bank (because you used to buy the mortgage). Just show the copy, it doesn’t matter.

After the buyer has seen and the letters have shown that you are the owner of the house, then ask for the sign money. If you sell a house through a property agent, the agent will help to take care of the money from the mark up until the transaction is complete.

When the sign money is given, you must provide receipts. Then it will be followed by a Letter of Agreement for the Sale and Purchase Agreement. This letter can be made in a notary or can also be made by a property agent if you sell the property through an agent.

* money marks so there is no fixed value or something definite value. The sign money is usually not too large, adjusted to the value of the property and according to the agreement of the seller and buyer.

After the Purchase Agreement has been made and signed, the buyer will then look for the notary he wants. The notary is determined by the buyer, and the notary fee is borne by the buyer. After the buyer determines the notary, you are required to enter the original data, namely personal data and original house documents (certificate, building construction permit, sale and purchase certificate, land and building tax, etc.) to the designated notary. Notary will check the certificate to the National Land Agency, is it true that you are the owner of the property in the certificate.