Restaurant Review: Daniel, Upper East Side NY

Restaurant Review: Daniel, Upper East Side NY
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Today, eating at restaurants has become one of the lifestyles of modern society. Especially for teens, eating in a restaurant has become a habit that is difficult to avoid. There’s just a call for friends to eat while hanging out. One place that you can choose is Daniel which located at 60 East 65th Street (Park Avenue), Upper East Side.

Since starting his business in 1993, Daniel has ruled his place among the dining pillars of New York City. Daniel has received many awards for European cuisine, world-class dining, and the staff hospitality. Jean-François Bruel as our Executive Chef, Eddy LeRoux is our Chef de Cuisine, and Ghaya Oliveira as our Executive Pastry Chef present a modern seasonal menu inspired by the best meat, seafood, fruits, vegetables and flavors from around the World. The wines of Rhône and Burgundy, as well as the strong Champagne program, are among the top spotlight of the award-winning restaurant and overseen by Sommelier Chief Raj Vaidya. Presented with good hospitality, the restaurant’s effect is transportive, unlimited service is overseen by General Manager Pierre Siue and governed by over 150 staff members behind the scenes.

The service at Daniel is arguably one of the best services in town. With attentive hospitality staff, quality of food and cleanliness.

Here are some of my judgments about Daniel:

– The atmosphere
The dining room is framed with several old neoclassical rows so gives a quiet modern.

– Recommended Food
Mint-scented strawberries, Duck terrine, Black sea bass with syrah sauce, Chilled minted pea soup, Grilled swordfish, Duo of beef, Flaked cod with Za’atar, Warm chocolate coulant.

– Wine and Drinks
The wine list is complete and tempting for those with deep pockets because the price is quite expensive. You have to eyed jelly to get good wine with reasonable price but good quality. The cocktails however, are amazing.

– Open
Monday – Saturday for dinner

– Disability Access
The entrance is separate, located at the western main entrance with the same height as the upper dining area. There is also a toilet for you that uses a wheelchair.

– Conclusion
I give 4 stars for Daniel. Ranks range from 0 to 5 stars. Zero is bad. One star, fair. Two stars, enough. Three stars, very good. Four stars, excellent. Five stars, extraordinary.

Some of the advantages you can get by eating at Daniel are:

– More food choices
When eating at home, often we do not have much choice, what is cooked, that’s what we eat. By visiting Daniel, you can find shared food options that you can try without the hassle of cooking. In addition, you can also try some foods you may never try before.

– Taste is guaranteed delicious
Most restaurants or cafes that we go to have entrusted their food to a chef or a reliable chef. So, of course the taste of the food will be much tastier than our cuisine at home. Although we are fairly good at cooking, but still it will feel different with the taste in the restaurant. That’s what happens in Daniel, entrust your taste to your best chef.