Some Types of Bicycles

Some Types of Bicycles
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For beginners in the world of bicycle, choosing the type of bicycle to be bought can sometimes be a challenge. Not a few ordinary people assume all bikes are the same, even though in terms of function and use are very diverse. Bicycle selection is not right, can provide an uncomfortable and less optimal driving experience. Here bike shop Denver provide a few steps to choose the right bike for you to use.

Bicycles tend to be created and distinguished from the style and terrain of driving. Surely we know more or less, wherever the possibility we will be cycling.

– Road Bike / Race Bike
Road Bike is perfect for Physical and Technical Training, Commuting and Competition, or Racing. Most Road Bikes have handlebars with Dropbar models (handlebar protruding into the front curved to the bottom) which makes the driver in an aerodynamic position, often found that the driving position on the road bike gives a less comfortable sensation, especially for beginners. On-Road Bike Alone has a number of big categories that are distinguished by geometry, such as Endurance / Lightweight, Aero, Competition, Touring and Gravel. (No bicycle manufacturers differ in the mention of road bike classifications)

– City Bike
As the name implies, City Bike is designed for urban terrain, but emphasizes comfort more than performance. So Citybike is perfect for casual cycling and short-distance commuting in cities.

– Mountain Bike
Mountain Bike or known as mountain bike or MTB, is a bicycle that is designed tough and able to bulldoze various terrain, especially offroad such as soil, rocks, roots, and others. So it’s not surprising, why this type can be excellent in the country.

– Electric version
Almost every type of bicycle currently has an electric version. E-bikes allow motorists to drive faster and further. Also very helpful in facing challenging climbs. The electric bike option can also be a consideration for you to choose a bicycle to buy. But of course, the E-bike version will be more expensive in terms of cost and maintenance.