The Function Of Call Center

The Function Of Call Center
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Almost every company has a Call Center service, because it has become a necessity for both companies and customers and is an absolute thing that is done by a company to support service to customers, and now many companies are selling call center system applications. So, the function of the call center is to answer any information needs of customers or customers of a company. This Call Center service can dig up information about the needs of a customer, so this is a very effective solution to improve service to our customers. Well, this call center san diego can help you as a customer to get information from every company related to the information you want to get.

Then what is the function of the call center?

Call center using software. This software uses historical information that is tailored to the needs of the system, Call center is used by agents who are facilitated by a computer for each agent, a telephone and headset equipment that is connected to the telecommunications network and a monitoring station. Call centers can also be freely used or connected to additional call centers often connected to microcomputer networks and LANs within corporate corporations. In addition, data and voice networks or Voice are centralized through the path with a technology called Computer Telephony Integration (CTI).

Call center supervisors control and monitor conversation quality, ability levels, and customer service through a computer that can measure, manage, and monitor performance that can be analyzed in the call center, as below:

1 login
2 agents who are receiving calls
3 agents online
4 average call duration duration
5 long duration of online agent
6 duration of the telephone in the queue
7 number of calls in the queue
8 total number of calls offered
9 number of dropped calls
10 average answer speed

All this information can be seen in detail using the call center system.