These Are Some Of The Most Expensive Magician In The Entertainment Industry

These Are Some Of The Most Expensive Magician In The Entertainment Industry
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David Copperfield was recorded as the magician with the highest income. The 63-year-old illusionist earned more than 600 million USD in the past year. Forbes preached that he occupied the top position of magicians with the highest income in the last four years. The money he earned in the past 12 months made the value of Copperfield’s wealth rise to more than 900 million USD. Meanwhile, if you want to hire an affordable and good magician to entertain kids, you may hire the best magician gold coast.

Copperfield performed up to 654 shows at the MGM Grand. In addition, the magician who is famous for his actions ‘penetrating’ the Great Wall of China and ‘eliminating’ the Statue of Liberty also won millions of US dollars from his private resort on Musha Cay. He is noted to have 11 private islands in the Bahamas.

He said, ”I never had the thought of wishing to become an entrepreneur. It was just like a coincidence. I had to be present at a business meeting … my job was fun, there was an island, a museum, and developing it became something that made me proud,” said Mr. Copperfield in 2017.

After Copperfield, in second place is Penn & Teller, who earned more than 280 million USD in revenue. The magician duo, who has worked together since 1975, appeared five times a week at The Rio, Las Vegas. The most popular magic competition made by them, Fool Us has entered its sixth season on CW TV.

While the third position is The Illusionist, who performed more than 600 shows around the world. They also have their own shows on the theme of Magic of the Holidays on Broadway. The group of magicians made around 123 million USD.

In the fourth position is Michael Carbonaro with an income of 11 million USD and Criss Angel is in the fifth position with a payment of 10 million USD in the past year. Carbonaro has the show The Carbonaro Effect, which is entering its fifth season. While Angel must go down from the third position after a 10-year contract with Cirque du Soleil ends.