These Are The Important Early Steps In Epoxy Flooring

These Are The Important Early Steps In Epoxy Flooring
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Epoxy flooring is generally used to cover closed floored rooms such as those commonly found in TV studios, exhibition halls, in parking areas, hospital aisles, laboratory rooms, shopping malls or malls, warehouse floors, factories, or other industries. Additionally, it can also be applied to your garage, so perhaps you may want to hire the garage floor epoxy michigan.

In general, here are the early steps in its installation process:

The floor must be made of strong materials such as concrete which has a minimum of 225 kg / cm2, and the reinforcement must be designed from a structural planner.

Must be strong means that the concrete floor must be able to accept heavy loads without falling or collapsing.

The age of the floor must be at least 28 days with a humidity level not exceeding 80% RH at the start of the application.

For those whose floors are directly above the ground, it is advisable to be coated with a water vapor barrier report in the form of a thin sheet made of bitumen coated with polyethylene plastic.

When casting the floor must be leveled (leveling) with adequate equipment and the height is monitored and examined with good measuring equipment (theodolite or laser system), so that flatness, smoothness and floor height in accordance with the first plan.

The surface of the floor is smooth, not bumpy and not rough.

Surface stripping methods such as using grit-blasting, water jetting, Blastrac or diamondize scrubber can be used especially for surfaces that have been contaminated by cement spills or dried petrified dirt and others.

Use water and soap to wash away liquid impurities such as oil, oil or paste.

After that, the floor must be dried at least 2 x 24 hours before proceeding with the installation of Epoxy Paint. Use a large-scale fan (blower) can help the drying process of wet or humid floor conditions.

Make sure the concrete is clean from dust, clean it with a vacuum cleaner (vacuum cleaner)