This is the Cause You Feel Itching When Contacting the Carpet

This is the Cause You Feel Itching When Contacting the Carpet
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The carpet in your home must always be cleaned within a certain period and on a regular basis because it will have a bad impact on your own health. A dirty carpet that is rarely cleaned will cause germs and dirt to stick. You can use the services of carpet cleaners Mclean VA for perfect and maximum carpet cleaning.

Usually, the carpet that is rarely cleaned will have lots of germs, dust, and various dirt, especially on the carpet with thick fur. This will certainly cause a person to feel itchy due to the dust that clings to their skin. There are several possibilities why someone will feel itching because of their carpet.

1. Allergy to the carpet component or to fleas on the carpet. because a carpet that is rarely cleaned will be the best house for fleas.

2. Insect bites on the carpet. For carpets with thick fur, there are certainly many insects that nest there.

Especially for carpets that are rarely cleaned. Insects will easily nest there and cause bites on your skin.
If you feel itchy after touching the carpet in your house, then there are some things you should avoid, such as

– Do not scratch because it will leave large and can cause wounds that will only cause allergies.

– Wear clean and loose clothes so that your body is not moist and will provoke other germs to accumulate there.

– Use lotion as the first attempt to treat complaints, if necessary you can use anti-itch medications such as loratadine. And avoid using various drugs that are not recommended by doctors.

– If you have done all these methods but have not recovered, then you must visit a doctor and tell you the complaints that you experienced.

– For blackened scars, this is a condition known as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.