Tips for Cleaning Your Home Window

Tips for Cleaning Your Home Window
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In the world of house, the window has a very important role because glass is a material that has special functions. The glass is able to provide an attractive appearance by bringing the scenery outside and allowing the sun’s light into the house. Likewise the opposite, the beauty of the interior of the house can be seen from the outside with the installation of transparent glass.

But behind that, the important role of glass will be the perfect thing if the glass is maintained and properly so that it supports the appearance of the house. A house with glass becomes unattractive if the glass is dirty and dull. Especially until the dirt is crusty. If that happens to you, you can use services from window cleaning dallas.

Basically, the more often the window glass is cleaned, the cleaner the glass is. At least, under normal conditions, clean your window glass at least once a month. For windows that are close to highways with high traffic volume, it is more likely to need more frequent frequencies.

1. White vinegar

Dilute white vinegar with hot water, then wipe it on the glass surface where there is dried dirt.

2. Newspapers

Spray the surface of the glass with water then rub it with the newspaper. See the results, the glass will look shiny.

3. Lemon juice

Lemon juice contains a number of acids which help in cleansing. Add lemon juice in hot water. Is it easier to inject and put into a spray bottle? However, note that it cannot be used in marble!

4. Baking soda

Baking soda, which has become a staple of eco-cleaning. You can of course also be used to clean windows. It is estimated that two teaspoons are around in 200 ml of warm water. Just Slide the wiper (squeegee) After you spray it away, dry the glass! You can end up easily and quickly to clean.