Tips to Have a Durable and Durable Refrigerator

Tips to Have a Durable and Durable Refrigerator
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Even though generally large and seem solid, the refrigerator still has the same gap as other electronic devices at home to damage. It is not wise if we just understand the way to care about finding the food we store fails to cool down, the favorite ice cream stock in the freezer melts until the milk in the carton for the breakfast accompaniment feels sour or stale. Therefore, recognize and do the following precise tips at home to make the refrigerator durable and durable. If you need help from a handyman, you can visit LS Handyman Singapore.

1. Pay attention to the placement of the refrigerator unit

You don’t hear me wrong! Location of placement turned out to also affect the age of the refrigerator unit in your home. The one key: avoid locations that are too hot if you want a refrigerator that is durable and durable. A hot location will only make the engine on the unit, especially the compressor, work even harder and certainly end up causing the refrigerator to break faster. The two location criteria that you need to work on include:

Far from the oven and similar household appliances.
Far from direct sunlight.

2. Routinely clean / vacuum coil condenser

One of the most important parts in charge of ensuring that one refrigerator unit functions as a refrigerator. Parts that are generally located at the back or bottom of this refrigerator unit are vulnerable to being covered with dust or other types of dirt. If this is the case, the performance will not be optimal and make it difficult for us to have a durable and durable refrigerator. The best way to clean it is to use a vacuum cleaner at least once a month.

3. Treat the feasibility of rubber on the refrigerator door

One more thing that sounds trivial but turns out to have a big effect on the age of the refrigerator in your home. The door lips on the refrigerator, which are generally made from rubber, need to be kept in good condition. If they are no longer able to close tightly, the refrigerator engine will have difficulty and work harder to maintain the coolness of the unit. Wipe clean the door made of elastic rubber and do not delay to replace it if you find the slightest damage.