Types of Cutting Board Materials

Types of Cutting Board Materials
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Cutting boards are kitchen utensils that can’t be left behind to help you cook. At present, the cutting boards have many models on the market, such as cutting boards from wood, plastic, or rubber. Of the many choices, surely you are confused about choosing the most appropriate, right? To help you, this time we will share information about how to choose a cutting board.

At present, there are three materials most commonly used for cutting boards, namely plastic, wood, and rubber. Below, we will describe each characteristic of these materials.

Plastic cutting board: Cheap, lightweight, and easy maintenance
Plastic cutting boards are usually made of polyethylene or polypropylene. This material is very easy to care for because it can be cleaned only with dish soap. This plastic cutting board is also famous for its affordable price. If your cutting board has scratch marks and has begun to get dirty, you can easily find a replacement. Because it is easy to maintain, plastic cutting boards are perfect for beginners who are just learning to cook.

Wood cutting board: Convenient to slice food
Chopping board made from wood is famous for being convenient for slicing food. In addition, your knife will not easily slip on the surface of the cutting board. Because of the nature of the material that can accept the knife pressure properly, the weight of the load on your hands feels lighter. You also don’t get tired easily when using it for a long time. In addition, when compared with other materials, wood material is not slippery. If you wet the cutting board with water before using it, the remaining food odor is not easy to stick.

Rubber cutting board: The surface is not easily scratched
Next, we will discuss rubber cutting boards. A rubber cutting board is more comfortable to use for slicing than a plastic cutting board. In addition, rubber cutting boards are also easier to clean than wood cutting boards. That way, this type is recommended for all people from beginners to professionals regardless of cooking skills.