What Is Motion Graphic?

What Is Motion Graphic?

In general, Motion Graphic is a combination of visual media that combines the language of film with graphic design by including different elements such as 2D or 3D design, illustration, animation, typography, photography, video, and music. Motion graphics in the broadcast world have a very strong presence on television, for example in making commercial advertisements, news, entertainment, promos or an opening of a television program. Meanwhile, if you want to use a large-scale motion graphic to advertise your product, we recommend you to hire a company of 3D Projection mapping in saudi arabias.

Is Motion Graphic the same as cartoon animation? Motion Graphics can also be called animated videos. Apart from 2D animation and 3D Motion Graphics can also be in the form of the GIF format. However, now Motion Graphics takes the most minimalist 2D animation style by combining attractive colors.

Motion Graphics can be presented with various styles. Motion Graphic very often uses a simple design so that the message to be conveyed becomes easier to understand. With simple graphics, we can convey complicated data so that it is much easier to understand. Until sometimes Motion Graphics can also be used for media for presentations.

Aside from that, with the advancement of technology, nowadays we have an even more powerful version of motion graphics. It’s called projection mapping. It’s a show which uses a projector to display motion graphics on a large building. This amazing large-scale art can be used for advertising and also for the sake of entertaining guests of important events.

Motion Graphic Function

Displaying Information Attractively Motion Graphic can be used to display promos, discounts, explain a product or service to display service updates in a more attractive way.

Improving Motion Graphic Visitor Graphics posted on the website as advertisements will help make visitors interested in clicking on banners and bringing visitors to your website.

Building a Company Profile Making attractive Motion Graphics can be one of the strategic choices to introduce and increase the attractiveness of your company’s products or services to potential customers