You Can Try These 7 Ways To Maintain Your iPhone

You Can Try These 7 Ways To Maintain Your iPhone
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First, the home button feels sticky and cannot read fingerprints. This problem is usually experienced by users with sweaty fingers. Sweat is not quickly cleaned and piled up into dirt on the home button. The solution is simple, just wet the cotton bud with spirits. Next, rub the cotton bud in a circle at the home button. Make sure you clean up to the wall in the home button. Meanwhile, if you don’t want to repair it by yourself, you can simply go to the best iphone repair near me.

Second, the charger is getting slower the longer the charge. This problem can be caused by small dust fibers trapped inside the port. Clean the fibers with a toothpick. It’s easy, just insert the tip of the toothpick and slowly hoe the dirt trapped inside the port.

Third, the voice is not clear when receiving a call. Again, this problem can be triggered by dirt stored in the speaker grille to call. Use a pencil eraser to clean it. You only need to rub the eraser onto the speaker grille for a few seconds.

Fourth, the charger cable whose outer layer was torn. This is one of the most common problems experienced by iPhone users. The way to fix it is easy, just wrap the torn cable with Sugru glue or a rubber band. That way, the cable will be sturdy as before.

Fifth, you can put your iPhone when you want to watch videos without having to buy a special mat. Simply pinch the iPhone to the binder clip that is usually used for paper.

Sixth, for those of you who crave a digital pen on the iPhone, you can make it yourself. How to roll tinfoil on a cotton bud stalk. Next, wet the ends of the cotton bud, but don’t overdo it. That way, the magnetic flow will flow naturally and make your iPhone respond like a digital pen.

Seventh, if you want to dry a wet iPhone, no need to dry it with a wasteful electric hairdryer. You can use silica gel which is usually found in new shoe packaging. Gather silica gel into a jar. Then, sink your iPhone into the silica gel for several hours.