You Can Try These Two Natural Ways To Exterminate Cockroaches

You Can Try These Two Natural Ways To Exterminate Cockroaches
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When the dry season arrives, it certainly makes your home warm and humid. Well, with such conditions, it is making cockroaches more and more popping up in your house. To eradicate cockroaches, you might usually use insect repellent. In fact, using insect repellents that are toxic can be dangerous for your child’s health. That’s why you must consult with the pest control Surrey before you use a new insect repellent. So that the Little One is not exposed to these poisonous insect medicines, it’s better now you switch to use the two natural ways below to get rid of cockroaches! It’s not only safe for your baby’s health, but it is also guaranteed that cockroaches will not return!

The Petroleum Jelly can also kill cockroaches

You may know that petroleum jelly is usually used as a moisturizer for your dry lips or also to deal with burns. However, there is one benefit of petroleum jelly that you don’t know yet, it turns out that petroleum jelly can also be used as a trap to get rid of cockroaches. The method is also easy. Combine sugar and petroleum jelly until evenly distributed, then apply on sheets of unused paper. After that, place the paper that has been applied with a mixture of petroleum jelly and sugar in the place where the cockroach is often found. That way, cockroaches will be attracted to the sugar content in this mixture, and automatically the cockroaches will be trapped in petroleum jelly when approaching.

The aroma of bay leaves is considered effective to drive cockroaches away

For those of you who are good at cooking, of course, the ingredients of this one dish become your favorite leaves to flavor your cooking. Yep, it turns out that bay leaves are not only useful to prepare your dishes, but bay leaves can also be used to eradicate insects such as cockroaches. This is because of the cockroaches hate the aroma of bay leaves. How to make the trap is easy, it’s because you only need to crush the dried bay leaves or the green ones, and spread them in a dark corner of the rooms where the cockroaches can be found.