Gym Reviews: Equinox, New York

Gym Reviews: Equinox, New York
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If you’re tired with the standard gym with the same types of services over and over again, then it’s might be the right time for you to upgrade your class for a change. Although the budget for a higher class gym can be quite concerning for many people, at least you may be able to try the $15/month in Equinox. Although the services and facilities for that low price in such a luxurious gym can be quite satisfying, you bet the curiosity of trying their best facilities and services is also tempting.

One of the most interesting facilities in this gym is the pool. Although not all of its branches have one, the ones with the pools can be satisfying for those who want to swim badly after so long not come into contact with the element of water. Fortunately, due to its luxurious trait, you will find some branches that have swimming pools in their gym at the Equinox branches in NYC. So after you’ve bathed in your own sweat, you can refresh yourself in a big pool which is also improving your health and shape.

Then, you may expect that as a high-quality gym, it’d be quite hard for you to book a class, due to the NYC is obviously a big city filled with a lot of rich folks. Fortunately, it isn’t as competitive as many other popular gyms these days. Although the trials can be pretty affordable, you bet that the regular higher prices may drive many people away from this gym, which is good for you if you want to book for classes and instructors easily and quickly at the same time. However, bear in mind that each participant of the classes will be given a number, so the employees will be able to know about those who shouldn’t join the class for free. Make sure you never try to sneak into those classes to avoid any form of embarrassments in such a luxurious gym.

As for the equipment, well, you don’t really have to ask about it. With such a high class, expensive price, and also an exquisite reputation to be kept from being stained, you can expect that they provide their customers only with the excellent pieces of machines and devices that will improve your training magnificently and comfortably as well.

The downsides of this gym are actually its own pretentious atmosphere. Although it will be comfortable for those with the high lifestyle standard, it can’t be the same for those who want to get the more casual atmosphere. Expect to feel a little bit out of place if you’re not used to this kind of a gym. Furthermore, if you’re tempted to try the spa, its price can be a little bit more expensive than in other places, so if you really aren’t being curious enough about the quality of their spa, we recommend you to take such a service at other places, especially if you like to save as much money as possible for the better-priced spa and massage services.

Overall, this place is satisfying for those who want to become a member and those who only want to enjoy the trials alike. Nevertheless, it’s a high-class gym with a high price, so expect to spend more to get more from this gym.