Using a hairdryer and carbon dioxide liquid to remove dents on a car

Using a hairdryer and carbon dioxide liquid to remove dents on a car

You can use a hair dryer or hair dryer and with the help of carbon dioxide as a way to improve the dented car body. You can buy liquid carbon dioxide in the nearest chemical stores. Meanwhile, you may call Denver hail repair shop, if you only want to hire the professionals to repair the dents on your favorite car.

Following are the steps to repair the car body with a hair dryer:

First, prepare the hairdryer and a bottle of liquid carbon dioxide.

Turn on the hairdryer then direct the hot air to the body of the car that is dented.

Do it continuously until it feels quite hot. Heating the area will be different from any severe conditions or not dents your car. For large dents, it usually takes at least 3-5 minutes.

After that, immediately spray liquid carbon dioxide on the heated part.

Then press it again until it returns to its original form.

This method utilizes sudden changes in temperature from heat to cold, where the dents of the body of this car will be attracted due to the pounding of the thrust that results from drastic changes in temperature in a short time. As you know, the hair dryer can increase the temperature drastically and the carbon dioxide liquid can reduce it quickly around -109 degrees Celsius.

With temperature changes that can drastically restore the body shape of the car that had been dented to become flat and return to its original shape. Remember, this method can only be used to repair a dented car with a small size, not on a large scale and there are parts that are destroyed.

After feeling hot enough, the second person will push the dented part from the inner side to the outside. Do the push firmly and quickly as long as the dented part of the car is still hot.